Souvenir Co., Ltd.

Innovative Kyoto souvenirs for everyone.

Itochu, an established Kyoto purveyor of traditional footwear and accessories, launched Souvenir Co., Ltd. as local specialty gift brand, opening Kyoto-style shops in locations nationwide. The first shop, Karan-koron Kyoto was opened in 2008. Beginning with initial designs, we have been involved in brand design for five shops including Handkerchief Bakery, Souvenir Kyoto, Pocchiri, and Teavenir. These projects taught me the importance of studying the interrelationships between neighborhoods and their residents. Unlike Tokyo, the city of Kyoto has a unique commercial culture of established local purveyors, relying on icons that resonate gently, attracting potential customers intuitively. This we endeavored to design. Into the future, we aim for designs that evolve, sensitive and responsive to changes in local communities.

Brand development, shop / logo / POP design