Harenohi Cycle

Talk to the Town

Harenohi Cycle is a bicycle sharing service, a new option for getting out and about in Mishima City. Cycling encourages up close and personal encounters with local residents and the environs. One breathes deeply. When people cycle rather than driving or taking a taxi, the air is clearer. This service was established as an extension of efforts to enliven Mishima. As for me, I want people riding one of our bicycles to feel as if it’s an especially good day. To find themselves humming as they pedal along. This influenced the upbeat yellow color scheme and incorporation of “smiles.” I wanted the town of Mishima to come alive with splashes of bright color. Riding one of our bicycles, you’ll surely want to call out a greeting to one and all.

Branding, bicycle / stand / promotional tool design

Operations: Kawata Construction Co., Ltd.