Palace Aoyama #601, 6-1-6, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku Tokyo 107-0062

President・CEO Creative Director

Minako Nakaoka

Business Overview :

Corporate CI, advertising and promotional materials design

Product design and communication development

Design consultation

Comprehensive planning and production

President Profile :

Minako Nakaoka / Creative Director

Born in Tokyo, Japan. Began her career with a leading advertising agency, then joined graphic design-based ad production and brand design firm Draft Co., Inc. in 1995.

A member of the team that developed the in-house D-BROS brand of design-oriented products, she focused on project management,from product planning through development of inventory and sales channels.

From 2000, she expanded into collaborative corporate product development, corporate brand CI, event and regional activation design activities.

Established design firm MIRACLE Co., Ltd. in August 2019.