Ippodo Tea Co.

The pleasures of life with tea.

Preferring to enjoy a cocktail, I was not particularly interested in tea. The friend from Ippodo who provided the catalyst for this work taught me about tea, using illustrations and a series of picture cards that were easy for even me to understand. Fascinated and inspired by her desire to expand the culture of tea, I became involved with this project.

Ippodo produces several types of powdered green matcha tea. Despite various profound associations, it is important to be able to enjoy tea casually, in one’s own style. We aimed to convey this accessibility, while maintaining the dignity and dedication to quality of the established tea merchants at Ippodo Tea Company. We worked together with Ippodo to create designs that evoke this gentle spirit and worldview. Filled with vibrant green powdered tea, these packages promise many hours of pleasure.

package direction, design