Anniversary of Shoes

A day to appreciate our shoes.

Stepping out, preparing for a showdown,
eager for a run…the times we rely our shoes are innumerable.

The “Anniversary of Shoes” is a day to appreciate the shoes that do so much for us. March 15 is a day to carefully inspect and polish our shoes – or maybe reconsider their storage area – in the spirit of “thank you for the past year.”

Our shoes are sure to thank us back, supporting us in days to come.

Aiming to promote appreciation for our shoes, MIRACLE incorporates recognition for those involved in the industry in a design that communicates “Thank you.”


※On March 15, 1870, Japan’s first factory producing European-style shoes was established by Sakura Domain clansman Nishimura Katsuzo in the Tsukiji Irifune neighborhood of Tokyo. The Nihon Kutsu Renmei (Japan Shoes Federation) has named March 15 as the “Anniversary of Shoes.”


Cl: Japan Shoes Federation, Nihon Kutsu Renmei   Art Direction:MIRACLE Co., Ltd. CD・Copy: Minako Nakaoka  Graphic: Megumi Saito photo: Keisuke Ono Pr: Norihito Yokoyama